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I have been a keen squash player for over twenty years now and still play at club and county standard. As a junior I travelled the country on the circuit and also played for the East of England. I finished my junior squash career with an England ranking of number 9 under 19 years but decided not to carry on and did not make the transition to the next level.

During my junior squash career I have met many of the top flight England players today and even competed against and beaten some and it is interesting to see who had the focus and determination to make an impression on the world circuit.

At present I still enjoy squash at a reasonable standard and will always have a passion for this relentless sport. I still have friends who are top players or have diverted to coaching and like to keep up with all the new racket releases and try always to acquire a demo sample. My reviews are my own opinions but I try to be fair and write about the actual technology and facts which are very exciting as they seem to get more advanced each season.

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  1. I’ve hugely appreciated this site being around, there’s nothing else like it on the internet!

    I was wondering, are you still updating it? I’ve seen some new reviews of the latest Head rackets, but have seen an overhaul of many brands lines recently – Prince have this strange Exo3 thing that James Willstrop is using. Dunlop are now “inspired by nature” and have a compete new line up, Wilson have some very funky colored things hitting the market. Technifibre have released new models, including a slightly ghastly metallic green replacement for the Suprem NG130, and look to have expanded their range some. I’ve also become aware of other somewhat lesser known brands (at least where I’m from in York) – a UK brand called Mantis, Black Knight based in Canada (rumored to make near bullet proof rackets), and Harrow who are bigger in the US than here. I’d be very interested to know how these match up against the better known brands featured on this site.

    This site has been wonderful for satisfying my curiosity about how the various squash rackets in the world play, will there be more coming?

    Thanks for doing such a great job!

    • Hi Mark thanks for your great feedback. You are right there are new models for review I am currently testing them and it is a bit of a hard process to get hold of the rackets and play for a decent amount of time to give a valid review. However I will update in the near future. A lot of the new models seem to be very similar so the older models with an added technology and a new paint job. For the other brands, I can they see are getting more popular so I will also be looking to test a few to see how good or bad they are….should be interesting.

  2. Hi!

    Very nice and useful page. Thanks for the comments on the new rackets.

    Out of all the rackets you tested … which one ist really your favorite and why?



    • Hi Martin

      I think I preferred the Dunlop Aerolgel 4D Evolution for the feel but it was just a little bit too light. The Carboflex 140 was also very good, a better weight for me and very easy to play with.

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