5 comments on “HEAD YouTek Squash Racket Series – Cyano – Neon – Anion – Xenon – Cerium – Argon – Review

  1. I recently bought the youtek xenon 135, and thought I’d share my experiences with any other interested potential buyers.

    I broke my old racket, the CT version of the xenon (previous model) and wanted a replacement. I thought I’d try the new version of the same racket. I find the new version to be superb! They have fixed the only only quibble that I had with the previous version – I thought that the old racket was slightly too head heavy. I know its a head heavy racket, and for the most part that is fine. It means you have to prepare early, and catching the quick ball that unexpectedly whizzes past you is more difficult than when using a head light racket. I expected there to be some transition time to get used to the new model (the guy in the shop suggested it might take a few games). Not so, I warmed to it immediately.

    The balance point on the new model has been brought 1cm closer to the handle (slightly more head light). It sounds like a small difference, but it turned what I thought was a slightly unwieldy racket into a fluid swinging model. The two biggest differences I notice are that the new model is slightly less powerful – probably because it caries less momentum through the swing, but the control has been boosted. Cutting it through the air on a volley is now fantastic, it just glides through the shot. Its still plenty powerful enough mind, but I increasingly find it more important to try to place the ball than just to blast it with all my might, so prefer a control racket.

    I think they have made the handle slightly smaller too. I liked the big handle on the last one, and I still like this one, but its something worth pointing out. Lastly, for those who care, it looks cooler in orange and white than it did in orange and silver :o)

    Great racket! Oh, and I have felt not a jolt of vibration, unlike nearly every dunlop racket I have tested. I’d highly recommend giving it a test drive!

    • I am thinking of buying the Xenon youtek 135 one too, but considerin to test and compare it with hDunlop aerogel 4D Elite one. any commnets on that?

  2. such a nice serios of light weight of squash rackets,spiacilly head eyano 115. wowwwwww what a racket, i love it,but cannt get n K.S.A.Saudia Arabia???????????

  3. I think a good measurement of rackets is the moment of inertial. It is similar to the weight of the racket, but corresponds to roughly how hard it is to swing the racket. The larger the harder to swing. The formula to calculate the moment of inertia I is,

    I = m * l * l

    where m is the weight of the racket, and l is the balance point. So if we calculate the inertia for each racket, we get:

    Cyano: 0.115 * (36.5^2) = 153.20875 (kg cm^2)
    Anion: 0.135 * (33.5^2) = 151.50375 (kg cm^2)
    Neon: 0.130 * (37^2) = 177.97 (kg cm^2)
    Cerium: 0.150 * (33.5^2) = 168.3375 (kg cm^2)
    Xenon: 0.135 * (37^2) = 184.81500 (kg cm^2)
    Argon: 0.155 * (33.5^2) = 173.94875 (kg cm^2)

    So probably Anion will feel the lightest to swing, and Xenon will be the heaviest. Of course, when playing squash you don’t just swing but also do linear motions so the momentum of inertia will only serve as a guideline.

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