4 comments on “Wilson [K] Factor FX Technology Series Squash Racket Review – Sonix FX – Blade FX – Sting FX – Review

  1. I had a chance to play with Sonix FX. Overall, it’s a nice and playable racquet. I really liked the large sweet spot, stability and power. However, I consider myself a skeptic when it comes to gimmick technologies such as Quad Shaft. In my opinion, the only thing it does is that it makes the frame less stiff and increases the amount of vibration so eventually I had to choose a different frame as I prefer stiffer frames.

  2. I can tell you that the new K Sonix is great. Stiffer than the K-tour, which was too flexible. Totally Agree, it was just too whippy and the string pattern was all wrong. The best thing about the new quad frame is that the cut outs act similarly to the Prince O ports, making the frame more aerodynamic, so that although it weighs 145 grams, it moves through the air faster. This is a great stick.

  3. I just wonder why Wilson have modified the shaft on the K series so soon. I used to play with n code which I think are great rackets. As they are obsolete I bought a k-tour (same head size, balance, weight) as a replacement. They are light years apart. The k tour is so flexible I just cannot time a shot with it and power seems very difficult to generate. It also has less strings than the n-code which does not help. I would be interested to know how the new FX technology helps stiffness by comparison between the new fx range and the original k series?

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