15 comments on “Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Squash Racket Review

  1. This racket is wonderful and make the game easier. I played today for the first time. I am sure: this racket will makew my strokes more precise.

  2. I just bought the Carboflex 130 Basaltax. I also own the Dunlop Biomimetic Max, Dunlop Aerogel Pro-GT, Wilson nTour, Wilson nTeam, Wilson n120. I used to have played with a Head liquid metal 140 and 120. All my rackets are strung with the Technifibre 305 (except for the Basaltax)

    First impressions:
    An excellent racket. The racket feels solid without vibration annoyances when you hit the ball, and it is very very powerful. I can hit a ball at such high speeds with ease with good control. The ball comes off the racket quite quickly and you can still control your shots rather nicely. There really is a good balance of power and control in this racket. There is no hollow feeling when you strike the ball on your racket unlike the Dunlop or Wilson, so that you can generate plenty of power without having to swing much quicker. I sometimes find it hard to maintain my speed in the game near the end of matches and power is usually sacrificed and the game pace slows with the Dunlops.

    The racket feels a little bit head heavy (slightly off centre from even balance) whereas the Dunlops I own feel a little bit head light. From holding the rackets of Dunlop vs Basaltax, the Basaltax though rated at 130g, feels heavier than the Max and the Pro-GT. Although the Wilson n120 is also head heavy, the weight to balance doesn’t feel right as the racket is way too head heavy to compensate for its light frame. The Wilson nTour feels the most even balanced.

    The grip is a little wider/bigger than the Dunlops and Wilsons, and a little smaller than the Head square grips.

    I used to dislike the older technifibre rackets due to its low manoeuvrability, but the new ones have a much improved weight to balance ratio. Although I have yet played any games with the racket, the Technifibre feels almost unbreakable compared to the Dunlops or Wilsons (even though they are also very sturdy in their own rights).

    I have to say I am very impressed so far with the racket. The pre strung TF fibres is a very welcomed bonus.

    So far my preference with the range of rackets I have is: TF Basaltax 130 > Dunlop Pro-GT > Wilson nTour > Head liquid metal 120 > Dunlop Biomimetic Max > Wilson nTeam > Head liquid metal 140

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  4. I have a question. i have been playing with the carboflex texalium 130. the previous version of the basaltex 130. i like it very much, it works perfect for me. the problem is that you can not find it anymore in the market, so i will have to change in some moment to one of the new models (by now i still have 2 texaliums). for some months i tried the basaltex 130, and i felt it different. may be too light, or less power in comparison with the textalium 130. the texalium 130 is slightly more head heavy than the basaltex 130, that could be the reason. i dont want to move to another brand because it will be more risky. i was thinking that maybe the basaltex 140 could compensate being head light with a little more weight, but i have read that it lacks of power, so it has even less power than the basaltex 130. so then i dont know what to do.
    what you recommend?

    • I’m in the same situation as you are. I tried out the Tcnifibre Dynergy Tour 125 yesterday. Being an extremly head havy racquet I thought it will compensate the very light frame. But I find it just too light and it lacks power against the 130 texalium. I hope I will get to try the new carboflex 130 and the 140.

  5. Just wondering if there are any major differences between the Texalium model, which i believe is the older model and the Basaltex model?

    • my frined is a huge fan of the texalium Carboflex rackets, and except for the feel which is a bit different, the texalium material is supposed to be more durable. I’ve had a chance to try texalium 140 and basaltex 130 and went with the basaltex, which is now my racket of choice.

    • I think it depends on your playing style / personal preference.
      Both models are great quality rackets. It is easier to choose from your own preference if you prefer the headlight or head heavy racket. Y-throat or single shaft.

      After tried with many rackets, I found that I always feel better playing with single shaft to Y-throat racket, and head balance or head heavy to head light one.

      Suprem is slightly head light racket. It feel lighter and gives you better maneuverability but the power must be generated from your own swing.

      I have played with both rackets, I cannot tell if the Suprem really gives better precision than Carboflex does. But as a personal choice, I prefer the Carboflex one as it feel better in my hand and I don’t think of it at all when I play.

    • suprem ng is definitely more precise and easier to control, however as far as the power is concerned, the Carboflex leaves supreme ng way behind. I personally own both rackets, but play mostly with Carboflex 130

  6. I bought my technifibre carboflex 130 on the strength of the original review on this site. I’m glad that I did, it’s a great bit of kit. I was a little sceptical about trying a “smaller” brand. My previous racket was a Head metalix 140. It took a short while to get used to the difference in weight but the best compliment that I can give to the racket is that I don’t think about it at all. It does, as the reviewer says, feel like an extension of my arm. It has a lot of control, but unlike other stiff rackets it doesn’t vibrate and there is certainly a lot of power when you want. .
    Highly recommended.

  7. I got my technifibre carboflex 130 a few weeks ago on ebay: great product, great price. It took me a few games before getting accustomed to it but now I would not change it for anything else. What I like most is its manoeuvrability and its solidity. I used to play with a Wilson hammer,
    perhaps more powerful but clumsier. I also tried a Black Knight which gave me an excellent control on the ball but vibrated from time to time.
    Overall, the carboflex 130 is difficult to beat.

  8. Hi …

    Just wondering, after reading your review *thanks alot btw, really helpful* … now I’m stuck between getting my next racket purchase, between Technifibre Carboflex 130 or Dunlop 4D Aerogel Ultimate. What’s your opinion between the two racquets, other than what you’ve highlighted in your reviews. If you have to choose one to play for long term, which one will you choose and why?

    I’m currently playing with Karakal Evo 4SL (my 1st racket), which I enjoy playing with to date. But, I want to get a second racket to have a play with and to compare it with the 4SL.

    Thanks in advance for your response.


  9. Great racket. Just bought it and enjoy every game played with the Carboflex 130.

    This racket comes with great balance, and great feel on ball impact.
    Every short just feel right, from a drop to a powerful shot. It gives me superb control of the game. Highly recommended, it surely will improve your game.

    I also owned the 4D Evo 120. Really love the feel of the racket, but admittedly it is a bit too light for me.

    Thank for this site. I have always overlooked tecnifire for their racket products. Now wondering how the Suprem serie (ND 130, and 130 pulse) would feel like. ; p

    • i am a huge Technifibre fan for a while now. I have pretty much the whole line of rackets.
      If you cup of coffee is control the game , you will love Suprem ND 130. The placement of your shots would be like a dream!!!!!! and no i do not work for the company… it feels lighter in your hand, due to slightly head light construction.
      A little comparison for you, i used to play with Amr Shabana signature ultimate racket, which is one of the best control and feel racket, but when i tried the new SUprem ND 130 that was it. Changed it right away!!!!
      However, like any racket you have to try it personally and see how it feels.
      good luck!

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