22 comments on “Prince 03 Speedport Series Squash Racket Review – Black – Tour – Silver – Review

  1. @Ahmed: I’ve been using the previous O3 Silver model (not speedport, without that o-ring) for about 3 years now and are very very satisfied – strings replaced only three times, and its a really durable racket. Was actually looking to upgrade it to the newer edition, until i found this site stating the o-ring problems.
    If anyone has suggestion of an actual upgrade, please reply.

    • Rebel is the one used by mainly professional level these days.
      If you are basic intermediate level player you better use technifibre or dunlop series.

  2. A-I am confused which racket I should buy between below models for Prince. I need racket free from issues and have full options (power, control, balnce, durable,…etc). Which one is common used by professional/best players? Please Ranke it from top to low.
    B-Also which is better Prices or tecnifibre (DYNERGY TOUR 125 & CARBOFLEX 130)?

  3. A-I am confused which racket I should buy between below models for Prince. I need racket free from issues and have full options (power, control, balnce, durable,…etc). Which one is common used by professional/best players? Please Ranke it from top to low:




    B-Also which is better Prince or tecnifibre (DYNERGY TOUR 125 & CARBOFLEX 130)?

  4. Hello
    I wish also I have discovered this site before buying this racket. Played with it since the beginning of december twice a week, so I have played with it around 12 matches.
    Strings have break. I have used Wilson and Unsquasable rackets and strings lasted me a lot of months and also years, so obviously this is a Prince’s design’s fault.

    Do you know guys how to get a replacement? Does contact Prince work? Thanks.

  5. I have had 03 black 2 weeks and the strings have broke, unhappy camper as the shop say they will not replace, not fir for purpose

  6. Hello,
    Don’t normally comment on these type of site, but felt compelled to after reading a few comments. I brought the Prince 03 speedport black in October 2010 and already have 2 sets of strings break. I’ve played twice a week with this racket and am currently in the process of trying to get a replacement from where i brought from. Other 03 rackets (oval speedports) rather the the rectangular ones on the speedport black do not break apparently. Hopefully price admit its a design fault.

  7. Hi :),
    What a pity I didn’t find this site earlier :).
    I bought O3 Black 2 days ago. I find it very good racket, I can say it is the best I’ve played. I only hope my strings will last longer then 2 months :). Greetings from Gdansk, Poland! 🙂
    PS. Guys, what strings do you recommend?

  8. Guys I have the Prince o3 black for 3 years now and I’ve restrung only once (play 3 times a week).
    It’s amazing, got plenty of power (compared to a dunlop 4d pro i have, and a 5 year old prince model I had) and a nice swing.

    Mine too has chipped the paint at some of the the o-ports but it doesn’t seem to affect the strings (maybe it will get worst with more games). After restringing I used a babolat 17g string (not as soft as technifibre I bet).

    Gotta say, it’s a might strong racket too, hit the wall many times and still is fine. It did however develop slowly progressing crack on one of the o-ports (after possibly hitting a friend’s racket when going for the same ball during warm-up, we are both idiots I know!).

    all in all, I would buy again for sure!

  9. Prince stringing recommendations are on the side of the racket 25+or-5 lbs however I would suggest even 30lbs tension on the main strings when stringing with Technifiber 305 1.3mm is too low. Technifiber which is a softer more elasticated string than Prince synthetic gut 17 guage which the racket orginally comes with. So a higher tension is required to produce a similar tension to to the harder Prince Syn Gut. Technifiber 305 also needs pre-tensioned to stop it getting very elasticated. I would recommend tensioning the main strings (as 2 are pulled at the same time) at 36lbs and the crosses at 30lbs to produce a similar tension across the sting bed. Prince stringing recommendations that sometimes comes with the rackets recommend stringing Hard ball(whatever that means) from a tension of 28 to 35 lbs. Depending on how close to these tensions your stringer can string. Hope that helps and it isn’t too much information?

  10. Does anyone know what tension the strings on an O3 Speedport Black are when new. I have just had my first restring of this racquet with a green technifibre string(cant remember the name now) and my racquet has gone from Jekyll to Hyde. Help anyone!

  11. I have got an o3 (not speedport) black, and I dont have problems with the strings breaking early. Maybe this is because the o-ports on the black are round, yet on the speedport models they are square, with sharp edges.

  12. Please can comments distinguish between O3 and Speedport?
    I found O3 frames to chip around ports, which does cause premature string breakages.
    Speedports on the other hand I have found to be an improvement. I have a tour and a black and haven’t broken strings on either.
    Agree very much with comments in review that talk about how forgiving the racket is – very impressed

  13. I’ve surprised at all the talk about broken strings on the speedport black. I never had a broken string on that racquet. I do my own stringing and have experimented with just about every string tension and have never had a problem. I restrung the racquet once every 1.5 months just because the strings would start to wear out in the “hitting zone” of the racquet. I was actually wondering if anyone has had a problem with the racquet feeling “dead”- as if it had a crack in it. The racquet has no feel any more. I’ve looked all over for a crack and can’t find one. This was the second one of these racquets I’ve owned; the first one cracked after 6 months of heavy use. I’m back to my O3 silver which is heavier but has that stiffer feel that I miss from the speedport. Has anyone else had this problem.

  14. Same as I’m afraid, absolutely awesome racket, easily the best I’ve had, original strings lasted 2 months, no issue with that but new Ashaway Power18 last just 3 weeks (playing twice a week) have now had to put a more durable string string (not as good) in the hope that it last but my stringing guy says the design of the racket is cutting the strings way before they ought to break…umpf! How can they have made such a basic error? Not sure if i can get money back as used for 2 months now..anyone that does please let us know..

  15. I agree with the view I have 3 rackets and gone through 3 sets each so 9 strings in 4 months, The economics have it going against it. Pains me to change, I have been a loyal customer for 5 or 6 years Prince, but I will have to make a change.

  16. I had the same problem. Definitely the best racquet I have played with, until the string cut into the frame. I Noticed it after just a couple of weeks, initially thought it was just a paint bubble that it cut through, but then it got deeper and deeper. Played for 2 months before the string eventually broke. After I restrung it it broke on the second match. Also send it back hoping it is a factory fault.

  17. I have 3 of these rackets and every one of them has broken the string at the o port as the paint has chiped there then eventually cutting through the string prematurely. I’m using Technifiber 305 1.3 and it’s just too expensive to get it restrung every time it cuts through at the o port. My last restring with technifiber lasted half an hour. I’d prefer to buy a conventional racket that didn’t have this problem. However this is a very good racket and if it didn’t have this problem I’d continue using it. Also i’m currently trying to return the racket so it’s good to know i’m not the only one having this problem.

  18. I have to back up what Ravi has said. In my experience these are great racquets but they aren’t the strongest around the o3 ports. I have experienced the same problems as Ravi where the strings cut into the frames and then the strings break. Once those grooves have been cut into the frame the strings last only a very short period of time, so you will be restringing very frequently. A great racquet in all other aspects but i wouldn’t buy again due to these issues.

  19. I bought this racquet in January, 2009. It is a great racquet as described in the review above. The only problem is that the frame is not very strong at the O3 ports. As a result, the string cut through the frame and formed a groove through the port, and eventually the groove cut the string. I had it restrung couple of times as its hard to throw away an expensive racquet like this. But each time the string lasted lesser. I am a disappointed customer.

  20. No rating for these ones? Who many stars would you give them?

    Thanks for this great blog!

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