7 comments on “The Dunlop Aerogel Range Squash Racket Review-Ultimate-Elite-Tour-Pro-Pro GT-Review

  1. I have been using the Tour GT for 2 + years. I have 2 of them very solid racket.

    I would suggest the Aerogel line to anyone, Frame weight is light 137 Grams, I am very happy with the racket.

    I have also owned Wilson K series, and I broke it, Dunlop Blackmax broke on 4th use! The Aerogel is the way to go!

  2. I tried an “Aerogel 4D Pro Plus” racket (not on this list) recently and was very disapointed. It had very poor power compared to my Head Microgel racket and a nasty vibration after each hit. More like a Aerogel 0D Noob Minus.

    The label and advertising said it was a 135g racket but the actual frame weight was 145g, with a strung weight of 161g. I showed it to a racket expert in a shop who was of the opinion that it was a cheap ‘special order’ model from a third party manufacturer, not in Dunlop’s main line of rackets. If this is true, all I can say is watch out.

  3. i have the old aerogel ultimate and have been using it for a while. recently i had a go with a mates 4d ultimate, and it (the 4d ultimate) felt awful in comparison to the old model. i thought it had no power and the sweet spot was non-existant, it vibrated so much. it almost felt too light. i prefer the old range, as i experienced this with other models as well.

  4. hey !! i recently broke my racket and was looking for a new one…i just wanted to ask whether these aerogel rackets are durable and strong??? can they survive hits??? i would personally prefer Tour.

  5. Nice review! And I agree with the first comment.
    I play with a Hotmelt Pro, and simply love it. When you get the exact combination between string and tension, it turns into a very powerful racket.
    Sadly, I only have one, and wasn’t able to get find another one, at least here in Argentina.
    So I decided going for the Aerogel Pro. So far -just a week of use- I’m loving it. I only hope the constant change for something new to sell, won’t put this new Aerogel Pro out of market very soon (just take a look at the Aerogel 4D Pro…).

  6. I have used the elite for 1.5 years and like it so much. Though it is more of a power one, but it gives great feeling. Long grip helps on that. Just broke it yesterday (Racket against the other racket of my opponent,which is not Dunlop!!!)
    About to buy new ones. Now aim for GT.

  7. I agree, the Elite and the GT are quality… The new 4D’s better be perfect out the gate or folk will stick with these for generations to come, much like many club players standing by their Hot Melt Pro’s!!

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