22 comments on “Dunlop Aerogel 4D Squash Racket Review – Ultimate – Max – Evolution – Pro gtx – Elite – Review

  1. Bought a aerogel 4-d from sports direct and it broke within 5 minutes of my first play…Could be something with sportsdirect as i’ve heard bad things about some of their rakets and balls as well

  2. Word of warning. I bought 2 aeogel pro racquets. The first one broke on 3rd game. The other one needed new strings within 2 months. I found my “backup” 13 year old racquet was giving me more touch AND more power. Now trying to use the aerogel more, and whilst it is ok and very light, I simply don’t play as well with it as with previous dunlop racquets. I’d strongly advise anyone thinking about buying to try first.

    • first off every racket should be re-strung before you even use it, due to the super high tension, second I have used the evo at least 3-4 times a week for 6 months and no problems. Not sure what you people are doing but a racket doesn’t crack it you just hit the ball.

  3. I had a 4D Aerogel Evolution 120 for a month and without any sort of racquet abuse a crack appeared and then the head snapped. I hit the ball hard but not that hard… Unfortunately racquets are really expensive in South Africa so it was quite a bit of money I wasted on this racquet..

  4. ive been scanning about for a new upgrade from my current dunlop mfil, its nice to see a few reviews before i go buy the 4d version

    keep it up

  5. I also bought the Dunlop 4d Aerogel Evolution 120.
    This is much better than the Pro, it has a LOT more power and a bit less control and I generally like it. However, the power still comes no where close to the power offered by Prince rackets.
    Another advantage of Dunlop’s in general is that they are much softer so easier for people with tennis elbow.

    • Do you mean Prince is softer, or Dunlop? (Important to me because I have tennis elbow bad) Thanks very much

  6. I have the 4d Pro.
    Very good for control, very very bad for power.
    Used to play with Prince rackets.
    Do any of the 4d models have loads of power? (like the prince o3 black does)?

  7. Hi! I have the 4d GTX and need to restring it. Has anyone a recommendation for tension? I am thinking to buy the technifibre x-one.



  8. Hi, I love dunlop rackets the green one is amazing and it’s very good but the blue one is very bad i have 16 years old and i play squash in egypt

    thank you.

    best Reagards

  9. I bought the 4d Pro (not the Pro GT) as I wanted to try a more even balance racket. Have previously used dunlop hot melt pro, Mfil Pro and Aerogel Pro GTs so have had a lot of play with these rackets. I found the even balance very noticeable and am still getting used to it, definitely more control when playing slow drops but you feel the extra weight in the racket and it is not so easy to take a volley quickly as the ball passes you.

    I played with Aerogel Pro Gts for a while and found the durability to be an issue. I sent back 4 rackets in total which broke within about 3 games from a skim on the wall whilst returning a tight ball. No problem with replacement but still a hassle.

    Yet to be convinced on the current 4d Pro as I am finding the weight/balance a bit odd. If I still don’t like it I will probably go for the 4d Pro GT which has a head light feel as I have previously used.

    One massive advantage with this frame style is that I rarely break strings with these rackets compared with others which I seemed to break constantly, particularly those with a tear-drop shape.

    • Can i please ask you where did you send you broken racket to i bought 3 Aerogels GTs from ebay and all of them have broken within 1 month please can you advise me
      Thanks Glen

    • Where did you send your racquet back to dunlop in the U.K.? I’ve broke 3, there great racquets for feel and power just break easy. Broke my last one here just hitting the ball hard. Couldn’t believe it when I looked down and the racquet was split on the side. I liked to know if I just need to send them back to Dunlop?

  10. I bought two 4D ultimates and one broke on the first time I had a hit with it and I only hit the ball with it, I didn’t even touched the wall or anything. The second one broke few weeks later as I only threw the racket on the floor and I used to do it all the time with my old racket(Aerogel Pro GT).

    Very dissappaointed with Dunlop as they have failed this time because in the past they always produced better rackets each time round but this time just dissappointing to buy such an expensive racket and breaks SO easily! After asking alot of people they said the same thing about this racket and I highly recommend you not to use it in order to avoid dissappointment.

    The racket which is really the best is the Aerogel Pro GT, highly recommendable!

    • The first one was possibly due to a defective racket, or maybe it already had a minuscule crack that you hadn’t seen before. As for the second one, I have no comment because throwing your racket on the floor is basically racket abuse. No surprise really that it broke, even though your previous one may have been able to survive such mishaps a couple of times.

  11. I have been using aerogel raquets since they started selling them they have the highest power,control and they give you the chance to improve and become better and unleash all your hidden tricks

  12. Dunlop Aerogel 4D Pro GTX
    I must say that I am very dissapointed with this racket. This Pro GTX is the pinnacle of the tendency of last years; making rackets stiffer and stiffer. The 4D Aerogel braiding makes the racket ridiculously stiff (a lot of vibration, lack of feeling and shock), the small head size (470cm2) reflects in a minimum sweetspot and a very unforgiving stringbed. The head light balance of the racket means a very unstable and unforgiving head in off-center shots due to the lack of mass punching the ball. Also the weight of the racket is 10-12 more grams than Dunlop’s official data, that weight is very obvious in court meaning a poor maneouverability of a racket of this weight.
    My last Dunlop racket was an I.C.E. Elite which is one of the finest rackets I have ever played. The new line (for me) is very disappointing.

  13. I have used different brand of squash racket like Head, prince, Wilson and Dunlop. I found the best racket in power and feel is from Dunlop. I have used the muscle weave, Hot melt titanium and Aerogel ProGT. Recently I bought the Aerogel 4D Elite, This is the best racket I have ever used as compared to all my previous rackets, its got the power, balance, feel and control. I recommend all player to go for this racket.

  14. i just bought the ultimate, the one shabana uses on a whim. just because shabana uses it. believe me, it takes a while getting used to. the sweet spot is amazing and the control is on another level. beautiful balance and it’s powerful when you need it to be.

  15. I have used many rackets in recent years; such as head Ti110, head CT 115, dunlop black max , princ speed O3 and dunlop 4D ultimate. all of these rackets i haved used, the racket i love the most is the 4D ultimate. It gives me a great touch feel and high quality of control. Although its power is very much less than the CT 115, the power is not that important in the real games like the contorl and touch feel are. i would highly reccommend the 4D ultimate for intermediate and advance players.

  16. I had a closer look to the Aerogel Evolution. Honestly, I think it is a copy of the Slazenger NX Pro. The painting is different and the material is probably slightly different as well.

    Nevertheless, I think the Slazenger is the better deal. Just bought one for 35 Euro on Ebay.


  17. i am also a squash player but i wish that u must give these racket avertisement in different cites i also like dunlop racket

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