15 comments on “Tecnifibre Suprem NG 130 Squash Racket Review

  1. Ive been using the NG130 since the last 1 1/2 years…i just broke it this morning. It must have been an inherent weakness in the frame which must have developed over a period of time as the racket folded while playing a shot. It was a superb racket with good power…but a little tough to play the drop shots as the gut tension is very high.

    I’m getting quite tempted to buy the same racket again as i just loved the balance.

  2. I bought 2 of these. Love them. Great rackets but having now broken 2 of them within the space of 6 months I’m starting to wonder if they are flawed. The 2nd broke during a coaching session and the coach was incredibly surprised by how little contact there had been. Anyone else had issues with build quality? I don’t consider myself a hashy player and I’m very surprised. If you get the chance to dissect one though you do realise why they are so light. The frame is hollow and the material no thicker than paper.

    When the first one broke I replaced it with a Suprem NG Pulse. It has a slightly bigger head and is my preferred racket. The 130’s alas are no more

  3. Thanks for the review. I am wondering if anyone tried the Tecnifibre Suprem Carbiothane 140. I demo it a little bit and found that it is more head heavy but the feel is quite good.

  4. Got one finally!

    After playing a few games with suprem 130ng, I have to say I’m totally agreed with the review in this page. This racket is really easy to play with. Nice weight and balance. I also own a carboflex 130. Even though, I personally prefer the single-shaft design of the carboflex model, I have to admit that this Suprem 130 does have advantage in term of better ball control. And I really don’t feel that the power is lacking off. I can always easily get good length whenever needed.

    Overall, I very much enjoy playing with the Suprem 130ng. It responses well to all demands in my game from drop, drive, length, to attacking shot. Comparing to the Carboflex model, I think the quality of shots and feeling these two model give are pretty much the same. Both are the best rackets I’ve ever played with up to now. As a personal view, I would give little higher score on Suprem model as I feel it does give me better precision and ball control than the carboflex does.

  5. Thanks for the response. I think the first time I tried it with an overgrip on it. I have to say it is hard to find a powerful racket, with an even balance, at about 130gr (not lighter). I found the carbonflex not stiff enough for my liking, and the supreme not powerful enough. If anyone can recommend a good racket it would be much appreciated.

      • Does the pulse have an even balance or is it head heavy? I would only be able to purchase it online and I know I much prefer even to head heavy or head light racquets.
        I am also considering slightly heavier racquets at this point. I started playing squash with a very light racquet and found I had to over swing to get the power I needed. I am considering Tecnifibre as well as other brands….

      • the Pulse is more head heavy, but it’s a lighter racket in general. I tried Carboflex 130, with the red stringing and it’s a far more powerful racket. But it is head heavy and it feels heavier in general even though it’s the same weight.

      • and one more thing, maybe you could take a look at the Dunlop range, the aerogel rackets, they have some pretty interesting pieces.

      • Thanks – I have been checking out Dunlop (and also Prince except for their construction issues) which is why I am considering a heavier racquet. They don’t make many with an even balance though. I am used to playing with a 120gr racquet with a small head – now I am leaning towards heavier and larger but it will take an adjustment.

      • i have owned 2 dunlop earogel raqeuts and find that it is a very soft raqeuts , any slight bang sustains quite bad damage!

  6. I have used this racket for the last 7 months, but alas cracked it on a wall yesterday. I’m torn between the new carbonflex 130, another one of these, or something from the new Dunlop range as an alternative (the Ultimate perhaps?). To anyone with experience with them, I’d appreciate comments!

    In response to ‘Intermediate’ – I found the handle to be smaller than most, which I imagine would suit a woman player. I was never completely sold on the grip though – despite it lasting the entire 7 months (which is rare) it wasnt the grippiest of grips, add some sweat to the mix and it slid more than other grips I’ve had.

    All in though, its a great control racket. Immediately I appreciated the way that the ball *doesn’t* spring off a shot at 100mph. That said, with a well wound up shot you can still generate plenty of power. My only quibble is that it may have been a little too lacking in power for my game, playing with my slightly more powerful spare (a Karakal Evo3) I found better length on some of the more awkward fast-reaction interception shots in the remainder of the games following this one’s break yesterday. Oh, and the string barely lasted 2 months. I was told upon restring that this particular string is great for control, but that its known not to last very long. The pros can afford to have it restrung every few games – I can’t.

    • I have played with the Supreme 130 Pulse, the head size is bigger and the balance is more oriented towards the head, contrary to the balance of Supreme NG 130, which is balanced towards the handle.

      I’ve owned Supreme NG 130 for a few weeks now, and have been playing with it. It’s an interesting racket, control is superb, however it lacks significantly in power. Those killer power shots are hard to deliver with it.

      I’m thinking about buying the Supreme 130 Pulse, it doesn’t feel as good as the NG at first, but definitely has more power.

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