6 comments on “Tecnifibre Dynergy Tour 125 Squash Racket Review

  1. I am not sure what the difference is between the tecnifibre dynergy tour 125 and the tecnifibre dynergy 125 Kickstep.

    Any help.

  2. I am confused which racket I should buy between below two (DYNERGY TOUR 125 & CARBOFLEX 130) :
    Which one is better and why?
    What is the difference in composition?
    What is the difference between Black weave & Basaltex?
    What is the difference in balance? Which value is better (350 or 355)
    1-DYNERGY TOUR 125
    Composition:Graphite & Blackweave™
    Maximum power, minimum weight. Endorsed by Wael el Hindi.
    Construction Graphite & Blackweave™
    Frame Weight 125 +/- 5 g / 4.70 oz
    Balance 350 +/- 5 mm
    Head Size 490 cm2 / 76 sq.in.
    Cover full and ventilated
    Grip Tec Dry Squash grip

    2-CARBOFLEX 130
    Composition: Graphite & Basaltex™
    New version of the lightest Carboflex.
    Construction Graphite & Basaltex™
    Frame Weight 130 +/- 5 g / 4.70 oz
    Balance 355 +/- 5 mm
    Head Size 500 cm2 / 77.5 sq.in.
    Cover full and ventilated
    Grip Tec Dry Squash grip

    • Depends on what you are looking for. I swear by the Carboflex 130, it’s precise, it’s very powerful. The Dynergy 125 is sheer power, less precision.

  3. I purchased the Dynergy 125 recently and am very happy with it. I was set on purchasing the Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Texalium, but when I tried both the rackets – Dynergy and Carboflex, I felt, I had more feel of the ball with the Dynergy. I previously had the Prince O3 speedport, which gave my shots some power but the Dynergy 125 is absolutely brilliant as I feel it add a lot more to my shots then the Prince racket I had and so if you are a novice like me and need a bit of power in your game then Dynergy is a good racket for you.

    Not that this matters but the finish of the racket is very nice as well.

  4. Great racquet. One of the things I like most about this racquet is that it is incredibly durable! I have had a problem going through racquets quite quickly and was getting to the point where I just tried to find a racquet that would not break on me. I was lucky in finding one that not only held up to a lot of abuse (just due to normal scraping off the walls/glass), but one that I loved as well. It takes a while to get used to, because it is just so light, but once you do, it’s quite easy to play with. You can do some interesting hold-shots that you would probably not be able to otherwise do simply because of the lightness and incredible power of the racquet.

    It takes a while to get used to drop shots, as the racquet is pretty light so naturally, subtle control – especially when cutting off a hard-driven shot – is a little more of an issue.

    I would definitely recommend giving this one a try!

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