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Welcome to is mainly a squash review based website for reviews on rackets and other squash equipment. It is aimed at squash players of all standards to help when making a decision of purchasing new equipment. Although there is no substitute for actually testing something first hand, the information, reviews and comments may help steer you in the right direction!


why are there no really bad reviews?

There are three reasons why there are no totally condemning reviews. Firstly the equipment I test and review is mainly high end of the market equipment and to be honest all the major brands make a quality range of racket/equipment. (you will not see any double shaft aluminium rackets being reviewed.)

Secondly it is down to the individual to chose the best equipment for their style and technique. Players may get on with some equipment better than others and ultimately boils down to personal opinion.

Finally, each piece of equipment reviewed is only tested for a short period of time for general feel and strength. This is where your feedback is very important, anybody can leave comments on each piece of equipment they have purchased. Whether it is to recommend equipment to others or to alert people to problems which have risen with the equipment further down the line.

Links and offers

Each piece of equipment has a link to great deals which are checked and updated regularly offering competitive prices from trusted companies (also watch out for my discount voucher codes). If there is equipment you can not find please use the search option as the site is always being updated.

Other useful squash equipment sites which stock everything you need:















15 comments on “ home

  1. i,ve recently broken my dunlop revelation 3d ti racquet and am desperate for a replacement. if i can,t find one can anyone recommend anything similar.

  2. hello thanks for your reviews. Upon your review I bought a Head Microgel Gel Extreme. Now I’m looking if there is something similar but with a little more power. I don’t mind if I go 10 or 15 grams higher. Do you a suggestion?

  3. Is this page still alive and are there more review coming up?

    You made a great job in the past …. but didn’t hear anything new recently from you 😦

    Have a good one …


  4. These reviews are very useful, Any chance of some new up to date reviews any time soon? I Would be particularly interested in seeing a Karakal section adding.

  5. You should review some Harrow racquets, as they are little known in Europe, whilst being a major brand in the U.S. It would be interesting to see how they compare to Prince, Head and suchlike.

  6. Waiting for review on Prine Exo3 and New Tecnifibre Suprem Ruby and Dynergy Kickstep… New released in April and May 2010.

  7. New Head Youtek 2010 series seem to be interesting.
    Will look forward to your review on those items. : )

  8. Love the site! Just wish there would a be a little more discussion/detail about the key technologies and attributes about the racquets. Also some more pics would be nice since many of the new racquets are pieces of art. Finally, other brands such as Karakal and BK should be included.
    Great work!

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